Zapatism and literature. A postcolonial lecture

  • VANDEN BERGHE, Kristine (PI)

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This research focuses on the discourse of sub-commandant Marcos, the spokesman of the Zapatist National Liberation Army (EZLN) in Mexico. The literary aspects of this discourse, which contains tales, fragments of poems and includes numerous intertextual references form the main object of the analysis. The literary discourse is analysed on the basis of the fundamental themes developed in the literature on postcolonialism, such as subalternity, the problem of representation, the relationship between postcolonialism and postmodernism and between the local and global culture. In addition, the research investigates to what extent and how this literary discourse conveys the social and political demand of the zapatists.
Effective start/end date1/10/001/01/02


  • globalization
  • postmodernism
  • mexico
  • literature
  • zapatism
  • postcolonialism