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WalCoMo aims at designing and developping a innovative system which which turns regular TV contents into a video flow suited for display on portable terminals, despite the small screen size and the transmission impairments.

This requires to adapt and to protect the transmitted content. Adaptation implies to reduce the spatial and temporal resolution contents, but also to be focused on the areas of interest for the user. This operation complements the compression step to follow, where the quality of the video is reduced for the sake of bandwidth reduction. On the other hand, protection sacrifices a fraction of the bandwidth in order to attenuate the visual artefacts caused by transmission losses. The scientific goal of the project is to address the trade-offs at the stages of adaptation, compression, and protection.

In terms of deliverables, the project will provide a follow-up module of areas of interest and extraction of visual attention focus, software implementations of algorithms for estimating the perceptive quality and the semantic utility, and a modular system of adaptation and pre-encoding of contents.
Effective start/end date1/05/0731/12/10


  • Streaming
  • Video
  • Cellular Networks


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