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The 3W3S project
intends to create a software programme compatible with the main browsers that will allow the persons responsible to
choose the level of pornography, violence or bad words that the other users may see in the web pages.

The current project is an initial step towards the complete realisation and deployment of such a service over the whole
Internet. In this initial step, the project will:

  • Build the first version of a filtering engine which is able to evaluate WWW pages according to a number of
    methods (based on URI, on keywords or on metadata),
  • Integrate this engine within the already available WebWasher proxy,
  • Demonstrate the proper behaviour of this prototype on example situations.

This project is expected to provide the partners with sufficient knowledge, understanding and initial grasp of the problem
of Internet filtering. Based on this experience, it is the intention of the partners to define a further extension of this
project in order to construct a fully fledged service that can be fully deployed and marketed over the Internet.

Effective start/end date1/05/0130/04/02


  • filtre
  • Internet


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