Vessel formation and vessel wall biology in disease and medicine

  • Bauwens, Emilie (Technician)
  • CALAY, Damien (Researcher)
  • Deneffe, Anne (Support role)
  • DOS SANTOS MENDES, Sofia (Researcher)
  • Fattaccioli, Antoine (Technician)
  • MINNOY, Isabelle (Technician)
  • Raes, Martine (CoI)
  • TEJERINA VARGAS, Silvia Veronica (Researcher)
  • Tevel, Virginie (Technician)

Project: Research

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This project will explore in an integrated manner the genetic, molecular, and cellular mechanisms underlying i) vessel formation in disease situations, ii) vessel wall pathology, endothelial, endocrine and cardiovascular dysfunction related to metabolic syndrome, and iii) the interactions between vessel formation and metabolic syndrome and its consequences, and their potential mutually modulating effects.
AcronymPAI P6/30
Effective start/end date1/01/0731/12/11


  • vessel formation
  • disease