Treatment of skin carcinoma by original photo-therapy

  • Raes, Martine (PI)
  • Tevel, Virginie (Technician)
  • Van Overstraeten, Nancy (Researcher)
  • Van Steenbrugge, Martine (Researcher)

Project: Research

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Vectorisation via polycationic polymers based on methacrylate (SMPC-UMH) of antisense oligonucleotides functionalized with ruthenium complexes (COP-ULB). The aims of the project are to optimize a dermatological topical form (LPG-ULG) and to develop an original photo-therapy addressing skin carcinoma, starting from in vitro models of keratinocytes (URBC) and organotypic cultures (LAP-ULG) to relevant murine models (LVI-ULG).
Effective start/end date1/05/0631/05/11


  • keratinocyte
  • transfection
  • phototherapy
  • carcinoma


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