Transfer of expertise in statistical analysis of microarrays data to the spin-off of service in bioinformatics BioXpr

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From 1997 to 2004 the Laboratory of Bioinformatics of the URBM developed algorithms for protein sequence analysis and modeling that several international benchmarks (CASP) ranked among the top 3 global performance in this area. In 2003, this expertise has led to the spin-off BioXpr which, after 4 years of annual growth of 50% achieved a capital of 1M€ , 0.5 M€ of annual turnover, employs 10 people and covers 5 countries. Cited by the government as one of the jewels of the Walloon biotechnology company, it is the biggest Belgian company in its niche.
In 2004, a new line of research was launched, in collaboration with the R & D department of GSK. It concerns the statistical analysis of data from DNA pattern. Four doctorates are underway in this area. Our expertise gained to date is currently being transferred to BioXpr, as part of this project.
Effective start/end date1/07/0730/06/09


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