Towards an adequate legal protection of technological measures in copyright

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To enhance the protection of copyright ina digital environment, technological mechanisms have been developed in order to inhibit the unauthorised copy, access or use of a copyrighted work. Copyright law also provides for a legal protection of such technical measures by prohibiting any act of circumvention of such measures. Those new layers of protections alter copyright regime by granting to the author an extended power over her work and by preventing users from enjoying copyright exceptions that the law normally allows (quotation, private copy, ...).
The PhD addresses the modifications of the copyright law engendered by the technological measures of protection and considers their legitimacy.

issues addressed:
- technological measures protecting copyright
- anti-circumvention laws
- philosophical justification of copyright
- law and economics explanation of copyright
- legal nature of copyright
- exclusive rights in works
- copyright exceptions
Effective start/end date1/09/9912/05/04


  • intellectual property


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