The modernism "à rebours". The interwar repudiation of the avant-garde

Project: PHD

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The rediscovery and sometimes the rehabilitation of the interwar neo-traditionalism is one of the important historiographical and critical phenomenons of the last thirty years. At the crossroads of art history and history of ideas, the Ph. D. studies this process and shows the links between this "golden age of antimodernism" and a more general history of ideas.
Effective start/end date1/10/0530/09/09


  • avant-garde
  • realisme de l'entre-deux-guerres
  • histoire de la critique d'art
  • retour à l'ordre
  • réalisme de l'entre-deux-guerres
  • néo-traditionalisme
  • retour a l'ordre
  • antimodernisme
  • historiographie de l'hitoire de l'art
  • neo-traditionalisme


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