Synthesis of organic nanoparticles in microémulsions and characterization by various techniques

Project: PHD

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During this thesis, organic nanoparticles are synthesized by direct precipitation in aqueous cores of the microemulsions.

Different organic molecules are used : cholesterol, rhodiarome and nimesulide. Several parameters have been studied in order to optimise the synthesis of the nanoparticles : study of the nanoparticles size as a function of the concentration and of the R factor = [water]/[surfactant], the tolerated amount in the microemulsions,' The nanoparticles size does not vary as a function of the studied parameters and these particles are thermodynamically stabilized by the surfactants. Different hypothesis of stabilization have been advanced. 2H, 23Na, 1H and 31P NMR are interesting. The first results show that the nanoparticles are in the aqueous phase and are stabilized by surfactants surrounded by the solvent.
Effective start/end date1/09/9731/12/02


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