Synthesis and self-assembly of functionalised conjugated molecules on gold surfaces towards nanostructures for molecular devices

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The aim of this search is the synthesis and the self-assembly of molecules like Y-Thm-(CH2)n-SH on gold surfaces (Y= H, SH, SCOCH3, COOH ; Th = thiophene (m = 3,4,5) ; n = 6,12). First, the adsorption process will be optimised for H-Th3-C6-SH molecule. Then, the influence of the nature of Y function and the values of m and n on the quality of the monolayers will be determined. The characterisation is carried out with spectroscopic techniques (XPS, Tof-SIMS, PM-IRRAS, SGF, etc.), contact angle measurements and electrochemical techniques (Impedance, cyclic voltammetry, etc).
Effective start/end date1/06/021/07/03


  • organothiol
  • self-assembling
  • gold
  • thiophene


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