Study on Legal and Regulatory Aspects of eHealth

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Study on the Legal and Regulatory aspects of eHEALTH that aims to contribute to the Actions of eHEALTH communication and Action Plan that address the need to establish greater legal certainly in Europe with respect to the practice of eHEALTH service delivery and the use of eHEALTH tools. The analyse covers different EU legislation, such as data protection, product liability, consumer protection, competition law and e-commerce. The study have the objectives to analyse the EU existing legal framework relating to eHEALTH, to develop an accessible knowledge base about the legal framework (information accessible by the Internet), to develop a series of case studies to explore and elucidate the practical implications of the legislative issues and to make recommendation on such legislative or regulatory lacunae as may exist.
Effective start/end date1/01/0631/12/06


  • e-commerce
  • competition law
  • data protection
  • consumer protection
  • product liability
  • medical data


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