Study of the legal questions raised by the conclusion and execution of the subcontracts existing between associations telematics and their subcontractors

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Legal assistance for the creation of contracts between health telematic software and the health actors (hospitals, doctors,...). CRID helps the ALTEM association to benefit from a better legal knowledge of legal problems that appear when such contracts are negotiated or executed. The analyze will address different legal issues such as data protection, privacy or patient rights (processor duties, security measures to put in place and liability in case of problems), intellectual property (software and database ownership, access to source code of software, conditions for the payment of free software), liability of contract parties (in case of interruption of the service, breach of security), and contract law for data processing (creation, testing and delivering of software, payment modalities).
Effective start/end date16/01/0631/12/09


  • privacy
  • intellectual property
  • digital signature
  • information society
  • data protection
  • patients right
  • health telematic


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