Study of secondary electron emission from gold nanoparticle irradiated by protons Renewal

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The project aims at studying emission of secondary electrons originating
from gold nanoparticle of variable geometry irradiated by a proton beam of
variable energy. Measurements will be achieved by using a Retarding Field
Analyser installed on different particles accelerator to cover a large energy
range. Monte Carlo simulations will be performed to study the emission of
secondary electrons from nanoparticle and to improve the understanding of
the underlying physical phenomena and processes. Results will provide
valuable information about physical mechanisms responsible for emission of
electron, eventual electron transport through nanoparticle and to improve
physical models. The methodology use during this thesis can also be
performed using other types of ionizing radiation (alpha, carbon) giving us
interesting information in solid-state physics and in the life sciences
Short titleElectron emission from gold nanoparticle
Effective start/end date1/01/1730/09/18


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