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Research on the national implementation measures of the articles 12 to 14 of the directive 2000/31/EC relative to the electronic commerce. These provisions establish precisely defined limitations on the liability of intermediary service providers. The exemptions apply to certain clearly delimited activities carried out by internet intermediaries (provision of access, transmission and storage of information provided by a recipient of the service in a communication network).

The aim of the study is to provide to the European Commission a complete information on the case-law, legal measures, self and co-regulation concerning the Internet intermediaries liability regime in the 25 MS (without Bulgaria and Romania). A critical and comparative analysis is realised in a second time. The results have to be provided in the form of reports.

The tasks of the study are divided within a consortium composed by the CRID, the Universities of Salerno (Italy) and Göttingen (Germany) and with the law firm Ulys which is the coordinator of the project.
Effective start/end date1/09/0631/12/07


  • Mere conduit
  • Hosting
  • Internet intermediary providers
  • Exemption of liability in a horizontal manner
  • Caching


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