Sequential Analysis of accidents

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The purpose of this study is to determinate the most common sociological and mechanical causes of road body accidents in order to take
the most efficient policy measures.

An accident is generally the result of several factors.
For instance :

A young single driver
goes into a slippery
on Saturday evening

is a group of 4 elements :
The first element is sociological and the others are mechanical. They can be known from two sources : the national households survey
turned to the accidents (December 1998 - November 1999), the forms filled in by the state police force after the accident and encoded in
the data of the National Statistical Institute.

Each group of factors, sociological and mechanical, defines a kind of accident. It is the about defining the most frequent types of accidents
to know the mechanical reasons and the targets, which will enable to define the strategies as regards to the road safety.
Effective start/end date1/07/001/07/01


  • sequential analysis
  • accidents
  • statistics