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Study of the legal aspects relating to data protection in the framework of socio-economic research.
The aim of this project was to prepare a code of conduct to promote ethical socio-economic research in the information society. The CRID team wrote also guidelines dedicated to researchers in order to help them to respect the data protection legislation in the framework of their research projects. The guidelines provide a description, step-by-step, of the elements to take into account during the preparation and the execution of a research project. The guidelines were base on the principle from Directive 95/46/CE but took also into account the national specificities of the 15 Member States. The code of conduct and guidelines may be found on
Effective start/end date1/04/0231/03/04


  • Data protection
  • socio-economic
  • privacy
  • plagiarism
  • ethics
  • intellectual property
  • copyright
  • research
  • IST


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