Research on interactions between Law and Technology : « The "post-human" body at the border of technological and legal normativities

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With the advent of the information society, the body has become a whole of data, which can be collected, treated and disseminated around electronic networks (personal data, biometric data, location data). In parallel, the use of nanotechnologies of radio frequency identification and location (RFDI), via tiny sub-dermal chips, transforms the body in a new type of interactive network. Finally, with biotechnologies, the human body itself can be technologically redesigned and even enhanced; it becomes an artifact which might be programmed and manipulated. Those different technological innovations bring radical changes in the anthropological nature of human beings. More particularly, those raise the problematic of the creation of a post-human body, as a result of technological manipulation and as an object of new types of monitoring. This conjuncture calls for a deep analysis about the legal mechanisms and normative principles provided by law to tackle scientific progress in this area.
Effective start/end date1/08/0631/07/08


  • nanotechnology
  • body
  • artifact
  • anthropology
  • regulation
  • biotechnology
  • RFID
  • post-human


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