Research in support to the Belgian politic of cooperation. Integrated management by local actors of physical, plant and animal resources for a quality of life and a lasting development

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This research project is conducted by a team of scientists (agronomists, geologists, sociologists, veterinarians,...) issued from various universities of the Walloon region of Belgium. The aim of the project is to develop tools that would be able to give a transdisciplinary approach and analyse of the development level of a particular area. To create and experiment this new methodology, two missions were carried out in the south-east Morocco (Draa valley and Tafilalet area). With the help of local partners, evaluation grids, check lists, question lists,... were written and a new methodology for a better approach of local specificities of lasting development was issued.
Effective start/end date20/01/98 → …


  • development
  • Hydrogeology
  • local resources


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