Qualitative evaluation of pilot project in education to affective and sexual life at school in Communauté française de Belgique

  • MERCIER, Michel (PI)
  • ARARI-DHONT, Albert (Researcher)
  • HANOT, Christiane (Researcher)
  • Jaminon, Olivier (Secretaire)
  • Vincent, Maryline (Researcher)

Project: Research

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Minister of the assistance to the Youth and of the Health elaborated an experimental project of structural setting-up of animations in the emotional and sexual life. The philosophy of the project was to put the teams in situation of setting-up new animations in the programme. After a project call, the Office of the Minister of assistance to the Youth and of the Health selected 40 teams of presenters (Centres of Family planning, Psycho-medical and social centres and Services of Promotion of the Health at School). It was asked to them to target preferentially certain educations.
At the same time as the implementation of this experimental project, its evaluation was entrusted to two university teams which worked in narrow collaboration: the unity of Promotion Education Health of the free University of Brussels (which realized a quantitative evaluation) and the Department of Psychology of the Faculty of Medicine of Namur (which took charge of the qualitative evaluation) Their mission was to estimate:
The process of setting-up of the animations realized by 40 teams in new schools and in new school levels, - the feasibility of the program recommended by the French Community as well as its relevance seen by the pupils, the educational staff and the relays, - the distribution and the institutionalization of this project.
Effective start/end date15/02/0515/09/05


  • affective and sexual life
  • education
  • health promotion


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