Psychology, Computer Science & Handicap

  • MERCIER, Michel (PI)
  • ARCHAMBEAU, Olivier (Technician)
  • BAZIER, Genevieve (Researcher)
  • COLLIN, Vincent (Technician)
  • GIARD, Myriam (Secretaire)
  • GONZALES, Julie (Technician)
  • HUPET, Celine (Technician)
  • LAMY, Cecile (Technician)
  • Lefevre, Marie-Laurence (Secretaire)
  • LOSFELD, Aurelie (Technician)
  • MERCIER, Valerie (Secretaire)
  • Peters, Jean-Pierre (Researcher)
  • PEX, Justine (Technician)
  • POLCHET, Adrien (Technician)
  • STEVENS, Mireille (Technician)
  • TERWAGNE, Kateline (Support role)
  • VAN OPPENS, Veronique (Technician)

Project: Research


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