Preparation of cobalt, copper and nickel surfaces and nanowires and modifications by self-assembled monolayers

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This thesis consists in a fundamental study of cobalt surfaces, metal characterized by its magnetic properties.
In a first step, the experiments will be based on cobalt surfaces preparation by electrodeposition. In this context, different parameters will be optimised : the electrolytic bath composition, the deposition potential, the substrate choice, etc.
Thus, the modification of these surfaces will be achieved by adsorption of self-assembled monolayers. In this work, various organic molecules and solvents shall be tested.
Finally, this study will be extended to the synthesis of cobalt nanowires. These nanostructures will be prepared by a template synthesis electrodeposition technique and will undergo the surface modification treatments established in the previous steps.
Effective start/end date1/09/0231/08/07


  • electrodeposition
  • nanowires
  • cobalt
  • self-assembled monolayers


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