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The "New Hospital Concept" Project was funded by the Belgian Ministry of Public Health. It was a joint-venture between the VLERICK SCHOOL, the Institute for Computer Science (FUNDP), the CITA (FUNDP), the CRID (FUNDP) and several hospitals. The Project aimed to analyze the legal and socio-organizational conditions supporting the implementation of a new organizational culture in Belgian Hospitals. Indeed Belgian Hospitals are today organized on a functional base. This division of the hospital in services and units raises coordination and efficiency problems. The analysis focused on the non-satisfied needs of the patients. With respect to this the CRID analyzed the legal conditions to process medical data in an organisation environment centered around the patients and theirs needs.
Effective start/end date1/06/0231/05/03


  • Organisation hospitalière par pathologie - transversalité - équipe- réseau - complémentarité interhospitalière
  • Organisation hospitaliere par pathologie - transversalite - equipe- reseau - complementarite interhospitaliere


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