Legal validity of the Walloon Region's electronic forms and administrative simplification

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Study on the legal validity of the Walloon Region's electronic forms implying:
1° listing all the formal requirements found in 50 of the Walloon Regions' administrative forms
2° identifying the recurring formal requirements and analyzing their functions, identifying those that wouldn't be relevant in an electronic environment.
3° suggesting general solutions for eliminating the obstacles to the transfer of all the Walloon Region's forms from a paper to an electronic environment.
This contract was extended to cover the question of the impact of a Walloon decret of the 23rd of February 2005 pertaining to administrative simplification. The main questions were those of the relevance and feasibility of a simplification of a series of formal requirements such as adding annexes to a form, payment methods, etc.
Effective start/end date9/09/0431/10/05


  • digital registred letter
  • formalism
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