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  • Dinant, Jean-Marc (PI)

Project: Research

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The project aims at determining the legal risks an internet access provider faces. The cybercrime law of 28 november 2000 requires that access providers keep certain data allowing for the identification of his clients. In the meanwhile, the law of 8 december 1992 considers the internet access provider as "a person responsable for a treatment of personal data". Accordingly, the internet access provider finds himself in a crossfire of sorts, since both laws provide for criminal sanctions in case of non-compliance. However, it is possible to strike a balance between these laws that seek to protect two fondamental interests: security and privacy. The results of the study, funded by a private body, are not published as such.
Effective start/end date1/10/0331/03/04


  • security
  • electronic evidence
  • Internet Access Provider
  • data protection
  • balance between privacy and security
  • trafic data
  • integrity