Investigation of the human proto-oncogene receptors c-erbB1, c-erbB2 and c-erbB3 and investigation of the ligand Neu Differentiation Factor (NDF)/Heregulin in normal skin and in cutaneous diseases. Prolactin and its receptor in keratinocytes

Project: PHD

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The in vitro expression (mRNA and protein levels) of tyrosine kinase proto-oncogene receptors c-erb1, c-erbB2 and c-erbB3 and their cellular regulation are investigated in normal cultured cutaneous cell types, as well as in tissue samples. Similar studies
Effective start/end date1/09/9531/12/03


  • tyrosine kinase
  • keratinocytes
  • epidermis
  • EGF receptor/c-erbB1
  • gene expression
  • c-erbB2/neu/HER-2
  • c-erbB3/HER-3
  • NDF/heregulin


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