Internet use in a research perspective of romantic and/or sexual relationships by persons with physical disabilities

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The aim of our study is to analyze the specificity of love relationships started on Internet's dating sites by people with physical disabilities.
The theoretical background of this research is at the crossroad of psychological theories in the field of disability and sociological theories concerning the construction of love relationships.
We want to explore (1) how the use of the Internet can facilitate love contacts for people with disabilities, (2) how disability will interfere with the usual criteria for partner's selection, especially with the criterion of social homogamy, (3) how disability is hided at the beginning of the relation and the impact of this on the relational and sexual scripts expected (4) how disability will modulate the deepening of the relationship.
At the methodological level, semi-structured interviews and questionnaires will be used with a significant population of people with physical disabilities. Discussions on the Internet will also be analysed.
Effective start/end date1/11/0821/10/11


  • physical disability
  • love relations
  • internet
  • social psychology


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