Integration of Traffic and Economic Models

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The ITEM model is constructed on the basis of two existing models: the TRENEN II URBAN model (available at CES) which
is an economic pricing model, and the ATES model (available at GRT) which is a typical network model. The two models are
merged by adapting the network structure of ATES to a level of aggregation suitable for the integration, and by making the
equilibrium and cost definitions of both models congruent. The merger will be either complete, or will take place via automated
model interaction. This requires intensive interdisciplinary research work between economists and mathematicians.

Some dimensions of the models are extended : a better representation of the economics of public transportation, of the
implementation costs of road pricing, the presence of different income groups, and the translation of external accident,
environment and congestion costs to the level of each link.
Effective start/end date1/12/9730/11/00


  • environment
  • traffic models
  • urban transport policy
  • economic pricing models


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