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In this project, we develop integrated, highly innovative methods - not yet another method- for the model-driven engineering of organisational information systems. The methods will consist of tightly integrated method fragments - notations, tools and process guidance - already proved effective in isolation. The final goal is to provide end-users (software engineers) with improved guidance, improved rigour, improved automation, improved experience capitalization and minimal impedance mismatch with respect to current methods.

In order to achieve such an integration, we are developing a common framework that make use of innovative principles regarding abstraction and separation of concerns, that will allow effective and systematic accumulation of engineering knowledge, again, by adopting the problem frames principles, that will feature modelling languages, all rigorously defined and integrated, that will use, and promote the use of a well-founded, well-defined and consistent terminology throughout all SE stages and perspectives. the framework will embed the means for its constant assessment and improvement, driven by rigorously defined measures performed on its products and processes.
Effective start/end date1/03/0731/12/11


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