Integrating quantitative and qualitative research on daily mobility and social temporalities

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The study will be organised around three objectives that make up a two-year research programme for two full-time researchers, fully integrated into their research team at the FUSL and FUNDP, and with the collaboration of TOR-VUB.
The three objectives are (1) the parallel analysis of the MOBEL and BTUS databases preparing, (2) closer scrutiny of the 'laws' of constant travel time budgets or correlated physical effort and fatigue, and leading to (3) examination of mobility and time-use surveys' information needs in light of the twofold prospect of the demise of the Belgian census and integration of European statistics.
The project's interest and originality lies in the fact that it proposes to integrate qualitative and quantitative approaches on the one hand and to compare and cross data from several mobility surveys on the other hand, in particular: the national mobility survey (MOBEL) coordinated by the GRT, and on the Belgian time-use survey (BTUS) coordinated by TOR-VUB. On the qualitative side, the project will use material from semi-directive interviews on mobility- and time-related practices, as well as on the perception of fatigue produced by situations of travel and modes of transport.
Effective start/end date15/12/0315/04/06


  • temporality
  • survey
  • mobility


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