Integrated Research Program on Environment and Water : characterization of ecological quality of surface water and part of riparian zones (RW)

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The PIRENE programme aims to develop a tool for decision making aid in water resources management at the scale of the Walloon Region. This tool of modeling will integrate in the same approach soils, surface water, groundwater and wetlands, regarding quantitative and qualitative aspects, and that on several scales (sub-basins, catchment areas and Walloon area). It will also have a systematic, multidisciplinary approach linking technical, economic, sociological and juridical aspects. Eighteen partners coming from universities/institutes/consultancies in the French Community of Belgium take part in this programme. This project is coordinated by the Center Environment of University of Liège and is financed by the Ministère de la Région Wallonne. A particular reference is made to the EU Framework Directive for water management, and in particular, regarding 'ecological quality of surface water' aspects

The contribution of the URBO supports by two aspects : the quality of surface water and the riparian zones.

- With regard to the first aspect, the main objective is to develop, in collaboration with the services of the Ministère de la Région Wallonne concerned, a system of evaluation of the ecological state of the rivers. Such a system must integrate the three aspects of ecological quality, i.e. the physical and chemical water quality, biological quality and the physical quality of habitat (evaluated by the Environment ' Water laboratory of F.U.L.). A second objective is to establish a predictive model of the evolution of the ecological quality of rivers.
- On the level of banks, the vegetation plays a significant role regarding retention of the nutriments and the sediments resulting from the running of agricultural lands. The aim is then to integrate in modeling the buffer role played by the riparian zones(participation of the GIREA).
Effective start/end date1/11/0031/12/04


  • water
  • surface water
  • ecological quality
  • environment
  • buffer strips


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