Innovative formulation of high potential APIs : Solid-state efficient combination through cocrystallization

  • TILBORG, Anaelle (PI)

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Cocrystallization aims to form new crystalline materials consisting of two (or
more) chemical entities in the same network and has been particularly
developed these last years in the pharmaceutical field. In contrast with salts,
cocrystals can be formed with non-ionizable compounds and they allow for
the optimization of dissolution properties of active compounds while
maintaining therapeutic effect. On the other hand, combination drugs tend
to be developed because of their advantages on classical administration:
greater therapeutic effect and potential synergy. But problems can appear
during the formulation phase. In this context, the research project aims to
develop innovative cocrystals combining APIs. The main difficulty is the
formation of the new cocrystal, which can be more challenging because the
two selected molecules could be more difficult to cocrystallize.
Effective start/end date1/10/1330/06/15


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