Implementation of the action board whithin the nature and forest department

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The collaboration between the DNF and the CITA lead to the drafting of a task descriptions. Some of these tasks had to be accompanied by the CITA in order to be implemented. We have accompanied one of the territorial division (the territory of Liège) and have evaluated the change there before we can generalise the results for all the walloon region. The tasks we have accompanied are:
- Reorganisation of the internal functionning in a sub-territory division
- Redistribution of the roles between the members of the "leader team" of that sub-territory division
- Implementation of meetings between the leader of the territory division and the leaders of his sub-territory divisions
- Implementation of meetings between the leader of the sub-territoru division and his team
AcronymDNF-plan action
Effective start/end date1/01/0331/12/03


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