IMAGE project (Comparing Internal Migration Around the GlobE)

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    This project aims to investigate the way in which internal migration – the propensity to change residence within national borders – varies between countries around the world.

    The significance of population mobility is now widely recognized, with both the World Bank (2009) and United Nations Development Program (2009) dedicating their 2009 flagship reports to the topic of migration. Mobility is integral to the process of human development. For communities and regions, it brings knowledge, skills and labour to the locations where it is needed to enhance economic productivity and social well-being. For individuals and families, it provides a crucial mechanism to pursue aspirations and respond to opportunities. For nations, it is the primary mechanism that transforms the pattern of human settlement, stimulating growth in some regions, typically in cities and coastal areas, while reducing numbers elsewhere.

    Project Funding: Australian Research Council Discovery Project (2011-2015)

    This project has been extended to a detailed investigation of the countries of Asia (IMAGE-Asia) funded by the Asian Demographic Research Institute at the Shanghai University.
    Effective start/end date1/01/1231/12/15


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