Identification of species potentially interesting for cage rearing in Wallonia

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The aim of this project is to compare the production yields of various freshwater fish species, in order to identify those that may prove interesting for intensive cage-rearing in this region.

The selected species belong to families with contrasted ecological demands (salmonidae, percidae, cyprinidae), they are : Atlantic salmon (landlocked strain), common perch, ide, goldfish and Koï carp. Their rearing in cages is studied in two neighboring lakes with contrasted physico-chemical characteristics, one of them oligotrophic (Lac de la Plate-Taille), the other eutrophic (Lac de Féronval).

The monitoring of physico-chemical parameters in both lakes and the respective zootechnical performances of all these species is ensured during the entire growth season. We will eventually be able to identify the species best suited for the rearing conditions in both lakes, and improve rearing techniques and zootechnical characteristics.
Effective start/end date1/12/991/12/00