Identification of legal, regulatory and organisational barriers to e-government provision

  • De Terwangne, Cecile (PI)
  • Poullet, Yves (PI)
  • DE ROY, David (Researcher)
  • DE VILLENFAGNE DE VOGELSANCK, Florence (Researcher)
  • DOS SANTOS, Cristina (Researcher)
  • VEREECKEN, Isabelle (Researcher)

Project: Research

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Identification of the legal, regulatory and organisational barriers to the development of e-government in the European Union. The project aims also to identify and to make suggestions on solutions to overcome these barriers. CRID is collaborating in this European project (DG IST) with other legal partners, such as the University of Tilburg (The Netherlands), the University of Murcia (Spain), but also with partners from other disciplines, such as the Oxford Internet Institute (coordinator, UK) and Gov 3 (UK) for technical and sociological aspects.
Effective start/end date1/02/0524/12/07


  • data protection privacy
  • access to public sector information
  • electronic governement
  • e-governement
  • legal barriers
  • e-procurement


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