Gas Physisorption in Materials Chemistry

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Gas physisorption is one of the main tools in materials characterization. N2
adsorption/desorption measurement is one of the most useful way to study
the porosity and the other textural features of the solids. Moreover it may
help in the understanding of the catalytic behaviour of the materials. At this
purpose the Unit of Nanomaterials Chemistry (CNANO) with the Prof. Bao-
Lian Su and the Prof. Carmela Aprile is actively working in nanomaterials
chemistry using the N2 physisorption measurements (in combination with
NMR, XRD, etc.) as one of the main tool of its research. In this project three
of the main research topics of the CNANO unit are presented. The first
research line involves the synthesis of novel organic/inorganic hybrids
materials and their use as catalysts for the chemical fixation of CO2 into
epoxides to give cyclic carbonates. In the second research line the design
of supported metal and metal oxide nanoparticles is described. The third
research topic involves the synthesis of hierarchical micromesomacroporous
architectures. In all these topics, N2 physisorption play a key
role in the structural elucidation (in terms of specific surface area and
porosity) as well as in the understanding of the catalytic behaviour.
Short titleGas Physisorption in Materials Chemistry
Effective start/end date1/01/1731/12/18

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