Financial study about public finance of Belgian Communities and Regions, budgetary analysis and prospects of the federate entities of Belgium (horizon of time 10 years) and comparisons of the public spending of Communities and Regions

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First, the research consists in analysing the current public finance for each Community and Region. The evolution of public finance is observed from 2001 until current year. Several forecasts of these budgetary prospects are realised (t+10 years). Second, public spending in Communities and Regions are compared between them. Third, the research inspects public finance of the Regions en terms of self-financing. The evolution of regional taxes is examined from 2001 until current year. This analyse contents a budgetary part as well as a statutory part in the light of the regional legislations.
The research provides an estimation of budgetary margins (positive or negative) of Communities and Regions under various assumptions. We make use of the tool for simulations developed for several years at the Centre. The first simulation is equivalent to an "unchanged policy" situation. We then introduce impacts of changes en terms of spending or earnings.
Effective start/end date1/01/98 → …


  • recettes
  • budget
  • simulations
  • dépenses
  • Communautés
  • Régions
  • évolution
  • endettement
  • evolution
  • Communautes
  • depenses
  • Regions
  • comparaison
  • perspectives
  • soldes


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