Expression, activity and function of various invertases isoenzymes in fructan modification during the growth season in <i>cichorium intybus</i> (L.)

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The expression patern of genes is altered by environemental factors. Inulin degradation in chicory is a process mainly consecutive to cold exposition. The enzyme family involved in fructan depolymerisation is called invertase or beta-fructosidase. This familly contains various isovariants wich differ by their localisation (vacuolar, cell wall or cytoplasm), their pH optima (acidic, alcaline or neutral), their substrate affinity and the product of their enzymatic activity. Our work is focused mainly on a class of invertases wich is believed to be the major cause of fructan depolymerization in Cichorium intybus root consecutive to cold exposition.
Effective start/end date15/11/9915/03/03


  • fructan exohydrolase
  • chicory
  • invertase
  • inulin


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