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The work on this project focuses on three axes.

On the one hand, the "systems quality modeling from multiple points of view." In this context, a framework for software quality analysis (MocQA) has been developed and is being evaluated.

On the other hand, the project works on accompanying certification, and more specifically on IT and security and its ties with eID. Our work has focused on issues related to electronic archiving of particular concern to the industry. As a founding member of FedISA Belgium - Federation of ILM (Information Lifecycle Management), Storage and Archiving, we maintain very regular contact with field workers to address their concerns and establish collaborations. Meanwhile, we study the theory of functional equivalents, which underlies any particular legal recognition of electronic signatures and electronic documents.

Finally, through the study of systems development methodologies and evolution, we further assess methodologies for environmental impact of ICT developments. We are interested in the potential of participatory creativity techniques and evaluate their potential impact on our ability to build more sustainable computer systems.
Effective start/end date1/09/0831/12/13


  • quality of information systems
  • eID
  • trusted third party
  • evidence
  • sustainable information systems
  • electronic signature


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