European digital content for the global networks: Case Law exchange from national information to european knowledge

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Caselex is a European project funded by the eContent programme. The main goal of this project is the creation and exploitation of a databases which contains the national case law, relating to the interpretation of European law, of different Member States of the European Union. The areas of law initially covered are competition law, commercial law, intellectual property, labour law, consumers law and banking law.

CRID will assist the national content providers in the assessment of the legal framework. It will analyse questions such as the intellectual property rights held on databases as well as the anonymisation of case law and/or the reuse of public information. CRID has to draft a report concerning the digital publication of case law by the national judiciary bodies throughout Europe, analyse the national case law related to European law rendered in the above mentioned areas of law and study the implementation of different Community laws in the national legal systems.
Effective start/end date1/01/0531/12/06


  • European law
  • anonymisation
  • case law
  • databases


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