E-clip II

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ECLIP is a research project financed by the European Commission , under Information Society Technologies program. This project seeks to fill the gap between the development of E-business and the complexity of its legal constraints. ECLIP gathers five research centres established in different European countries and specializing in information and technology law. Therefore one of the more important objective of ECLIP is to provide education and information on the regulatory framework of e-commerce. In this context ECLIP organize several workshop.
The specific fields of law covered are Intellectual property Rights, Domain names, Liability, Taxation, E-Payments, Privacy, Consumer Protection, Private International law, Contract Law, Copyright
AcronymE-clip II
Effective start/end date1/01/0031/12/01


  • E-Payments
  • Privacy
  • Liability
  • Intellectual property Rights
  • Contract Law
  • Private International law
  • Consumer Protection
  • Taxation


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