Development of an algorithm for the design of Microarrays (in collaboration with Eppendorff Array Technology)

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A collaboration has been concluded with the E.A.T. society (which products microarrays for EPPENDORFF) to develop a program searching pairs of oligonucleotides conserved in different genomes of bacteria, and next, to detect, in the regions delimited by primers, one or more fragment(s) specific of each organism. One or more primer pairs will be selected by the user in order to simultaneously amplify specific regions of each organism found by the programme. These specific regions can be selected as probes for the detection of each organism on microarrays. The algorithm uses heuristic solutions which have allowed to gain a time factor of 10 000 comparing to an comprehensive but slower.
Moreover, a convivial interface will be built to allow an easy use of the programmes. The aim of this study is to provide to E.A.T. a bioinformatic tool able to generate biochips allowing to discriminate pathogenic organisms. This algorithm directly finds his application in the elaboration of a molecular tool for the direct and simultaneous identification of different species of bacteria involved in nosocomial pneumoniae.
Effective start/end date15/06/0230/06/04


  • bioinformatic
  • microchips
  • algorithm