Development of a single-mode OPO tunable in the visible and the infrared

  • Peremans, Andre (PI)
  • BRUYNINCKX-CALIS, Vincent (Researcher)
  • THIRY, Paul (CoI)

Project: PHD

Project Details


Tunable, pulsed lasers (in the picosecond range) are widely used for metrology (cartography of atmospheric pollutants, for example). We propose to develop a single-mode, nanosecond OPO with an improved spectral width obtained by using etalon plates. This new solution should provide a 0.007 cm-1 linewidth and a reproducibility (precision on the laser frequency) better than the spectral width
Effective start/end date1/12/0431/12/08


  • Linewidth
  • Laser
  • Nanosecond
  • Pulsed
  • Reproducibility
  • Single mode
  • Etalon plate


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