Detection of DNA microarrays on compact-disc

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The goal of this research is to show the faisability to use compact disc as new technological platform for DNA microarrays in order to detect DNA sequences for diagnostic. The CD will be used as a platform to make hybridization of DNA and to measure this hybridization using the laser technology found in the CD players.
Advantages of the CD are its big surface to spot thousands of different capture probes or to test many different clinical samples simultaneously on the same CD ; the use of its numeric information to identify each spot of the arrays and the easiness of biological results detection with a compact disc player.
There are three parts in this project : the study of DNA probe fixation on the surface of the CD, the study of hybridization on these capture probes and the optimisation of a new detection system for these hybridization that could be readable by a laser beam.
This project in made in collaboration with engineers, chemists'because we need to produce new arrayer especially for spotting on CD, a new detector for reading biological information using a modified CD player.
Effective start/end date1/06/9931/08/02


  • DNA microarray
  • CD


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