Design & Evaluation STudio for INtent-based Ergonomic web sites

  • FRAITURE, Monique (PI)
  • BEIREKDAR, Abdo (Researcher)
  • JASSELETTE, Arnaud (Researcher)
  • KEITA, Marc (Researcher)
  • RANDOLET, Frederic (Researcher)

Project: Research

Project Details


DESTINE is to a set of tool for automated evaluation of Web ergonomics which is based on several guidelines bases. The tool is based on an XML compliant language for the structuring of ergonomic guidelines (a Guideline Definition Language). By this way, Web designers and evaluators will be able to profit from guidelines of several bases within the same tool.
Effective start/end date1/09/0331/08/09


  • Evaluation tool
  • ergonomic guideline
  • Web design
  • Usability
  • Automated Evaluation
  • Accessibility
  • Web ergonomics


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