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DB-MAIN (DataBase MAINtenance and evolution) is a research, development and technology transfer program undertaken by the Database Application Engineering Laboratory (LIBD, since 1993. It addresses the domain of database applications engineering, and more specifically the development, reverse
engineering, reengineering, migration, integration, maintenance and evolution of such systems.
The main results of the project are the following:
  • a wide spectrum data structure model encompassing the main abstraction levels and paradigms (the GER model) ;
  • an MDE transformational framework to precisely specify and to drive most database engineering processes;
  • DB-MAIN, a programmable, transformational, database-centered CASE environment;
  • a tool-supported database reverse engineering methodology;
  • a tool-supported database evolution methodology;
  • engineering process model and language supported by a method engine integrated to DB-MAIN;
  • ReveR, a spin-off devoted to database reengineering evolution and migration.
Effective start/end date1/09/93 → …


  • CASE technology
  • software process modeling
  • reverse engineering
  • software re-engineering
  • system evolution
  • database
  • database design


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