Cryo- and photo-crystallography of thermo- and photochromism in the solidstate: Photo/Thermo-CoXal approach

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This project aims at using co-crystallization to develop improved organic
photochromic and thermochromic solid-state materials. Today, cocrystallization
is already known to impact the chemical stability, the physicochemical
properties (such as melting point or hygroscopicity),
polymorphism, the solid-state reactivity, and the optical properties of target
compounds. The use of co-crystallization to improve the dynamical or
switching properties of chromophores is a new and appealing domain of
research. Understanding the relationship between the nature of the two
components (the co-former and the active molecule/chromophore), the
crystal structure and the optical properties is at the heart of our research
because it will lead to a proposition of the structure-optical relationships of
solid materials which would help for designing materials with improved
photo- and/or thermochromism.
Short titlePhoto/Thermo-CoXal
Effective start/end date1/10/1830/09/20


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