Cross-stack Adaptation for the Edgification of Microservices Applications

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Microservices architecture has emerged as a dominant model for designing cloud-based applications. In this architecture, modular and heterogeneous services, independently deployed and sometimes geo-distributed, dynamically scale and interact with each other to respond to user requests. Typically, each service has its own database(s) and shares information through APIs calls.
Nowadays, developers face a series of challenges in building, deploying, and operating current and future microservices architecture on the cloud continuum.
The primary objective of the RAINDROP project is to provide developers with a set of effective and efficient tools addressing those challenges.
RAINDROP is a collaborative project gathering UNamur and UCLouvain complementary skills in software and data engineering (UNamur), cloud platforms and runtimes (UCLouvain), and infrastructure management (UCLouvain).
Short titleRAINDROP
Effective start/end date1/10/2230/09/26