creation of a research unit specializing in ICT in the Luxemburg's Gabriel Lippman Center

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Along with the "Laboratoire de droit économique" (economic law laboratory) of Luxemburg's Gabriel Lippman Center (director: André Prüm), the CRID co-heads the "Securicom" project financed by the Luxemburg Research Fund. This project will entail the creation of a research unit specializing in ICT which will be part of the Laboratoire de droit économique. This new unit will be called "Unité de recherche en droit des TIC" (ICT law research unit). Part of it's mission will be to perform research projects for the Luxemburg National Research Fund. It shall also aim at performing fundamental research, for instance by funding PhDs.
Effective start/end date15/10/0215/10/05


  • electronic commerce


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