Code duplication analysis in logic programs

Project: PHD

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The presence of duplicated source code within a program is a primary indication that the design of the program can be improved. The notion of duplication refers to code fragments that are textually similar or functionally similar but possibly implemented in different ways, often called "clones".

The principal objective of this PhD thesis is to elaborate a theory of duplication for the logic programming paradigm, including a classification of different kinds of duplication. This theory will serve as a basis to develop an analysis that allows to automatically detect duplication within the source code of a logic program. Based upon this work, the relation with transformation techniques and advanced program analysis such as refactoring and aspect-mining will be studied.
Effective start/end date1/10/091/10/13


  • program analysis
  • code duplication detection
  • software engineering
  • logic programming
  • program optimization


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